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By Dennis Lockney, DDS
May 22, 2018
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Dental CrownsYour dentist calls it a damaged tooth. You call it a nightmare because this molar has so many fillings. What can you do to restore it to full health and appearance and help your entire smile in the process? Your family dentists in Concord, NC, Dr. Dennis Lockney and Dr. Tyler Lockney, often suggest beautiful porcelain crowns. Realistic in form, color, and function, crowns give teeth new life and avoid more fillings or extraction.

Details on dental crowns

Porcelain crowns, or caps as they are sometimes called, are very popular and reliable dental restorations. Eliminating the pain, embarrassment, and poor oral function associated with heavily restored and/or failing teeth, crowns remake the strength, shape, and size of most any tooth in the mouth.

Using visual inspection, and X-rays imaging at his Concord office, your family dentist can determine a tooth's suitability for a crown. Sometimes, when teeth are deeply decayed, damaged by accident or are infected, root canal therapy happens first, ensuring the tooth's health and longevity.

The treatment

Typically, a dental crown takes two visits. First, your dentist takes an oral impression to give to the dental lab. This impression allows the technician to create a crown that is accurately shaped and sized. Then, the dentist removes the decayed and damaged enamel and any old fillings. Many times, he places a temporary cap to protect the tooth while the permanent crown is fabricated.

At the next appointment, he'll replace that temporary restoration with the new crown. He uses a strong, permanent cement and adjusts the crown for bite and fit. Essentially, you'll have a new tooth from the gum line on up.

Other uses for crowns

For generations, crowns have helped patients avoid extraction and the difficult repercussions of tooth loss (smile gaps, bone, and gum recession, compromised chewing and speech and more). Also, they restore dental implants and support fixed bridgework made up of one or more adjoining artificial teeth.

Caring for crowns

Plaque and tartar harm the gums and bone around crowns. So be sure to brush twice a day and floss around your crown, too. Get your semi-annual cleanings and check-ups with your dentists, and if you grind your teeth, consider wearing a bite guard at night to extend the life of your crown and your natural teeth as well.

Help your smile

It can be its healthiest and best-looking with a beautiful porcelain crown from Dr. Dennis Lockney or Dr. Tyler Lockney in Concord, NC. Call their office today for a consultation, and get all your questions answered: (704) 788-4144.